Embodied Silences

On fluid support, a spectrum of touch and intense connection, as we aspire towards transcendental intimacy

Dana Pajarillaga & Lukas Malkowski X Meghan Lindsay

Choreography and Performance by Dana Pajarillaga - she/they (@danapaja) and Lukas Malkowski - he/they (@mal_kowski)

Videography by Vladislav Marinov he/him(@marinov_vladislav)
Dramaturgy by Antonia Gersch she/her

Filmed at Atelierhaus Prenzlauer Promenade for Ada Studios 'Nah Dran extended'
Music composed by Underwater Sounds and Frank Ocean

>>We move in isolation

Submerged crashes

Slow, soft, support

Porous relations

Deep connections

Soaking in our solitude


of emotions, of breath, of flesh


of solidarity, of loneliness

Deep below the surface

Tips of icebergs

You exchange I

We are sitting at the bottom of an ocean<<