Can you talk a bit more about your history of neurodivergence and how it relates to your practice?


Now more than ever, I identify as a disabled artist. I have mental and physical disabilities which have increased more throughout my lifespan. I live with chronic pain and exhaustion, as well as C-PTSD and ADHD. I've been neurodivergent all my life, but I had no idea until my recent diagnosis of adult ADHD. When I look back at my life from the beginning to the present, it makes perfect sense. I've did away with the shame, ignorance, or misunderstanding about my conditions. These days I lean into my crip-ness and my neurodiversity. The only problem now is all the red tape around income and taxes for those who have the small amounts of governmental support allocated to us. Of course I am not the only one navigating this fucked up system. Having hegemonic employment is not an option for a lot of us...

...we have to find alternative ways of survival neurotypical or abled people never have to worry about.