Like the Babadook.


Right! Injecting horror and science fiction into my latest project was a love letter to the genre, a love letter to who I was as a teenager, a love letter to myself as a child when I was reading Goosebumps. I feel so happy and grateful that Eastern Edge allowed me the full creative freedom to do that. I'm glad you brought that up, because as I'm detailing different bits and bobs about my life right now, you can clearly see the theoretical and embodied link between my art and my life, and how my art is auto-ethnographic. I'm a storyteller first, and a lot of those earlier poems were love letters to myself as a child and a teenager, like “Bookworm” in my book estrogenesis. When you grow up in the environment that I did, I think it's important to send your younger self as much love as you can, because it's your responsibility as an adult to do that, to heal.