It brings together various founts of knowledge—ancient and contemporary

In this exhibition, Sidhu functions in multiple roles of which artist is but one. There is the architect who manipulates sundry materials to fashion vessels which simultaneously both house and represent various iterations of the divine. Three of these vessels comprise the Omniverse 7000 and Disappearance Potential, that together form a triptych sound system built to hold, care for, and emit various melodies and harmonies that permeate the exhibition space, restoring time to its cyclical origins, and permeate the spatial and corporeal realities in its midst. The construction of this sound system is a collusion of roles including that of audio engineer, metal fabricator, ‘selecta’, and collaborator. It brings together various founts of knowledge—ancient and contemporary—with the goal of elevating sound to such a climax that those experiencing it enter a state of profound ecstasy.

Selecta/selector is a term that emerged out of Jamaican reggae sound system culture, originally purported to have referred to the individual who selected the records that the DJ would then play. In recent years, however, it has become synonymous with a person who both selects and plays the records. I find this to still be an incomplete understanding, and for the sake of this article, the term should be understood as a person who has an intensely profound knowledge of music that is often shared with other selectas and a music loving community that co-signs that knowledge through the reciprocity of dance. Selectas often refuse the title of DJ, or any title at all and may simply say, “I just play records.”