…Or better still, teleport the whole planet here through music.

- Sun Ra

Sidhu’s role as collaborator is among the most grounding and sentient forces within this exhibition. It is in this role that we can envision and better understand his foundation as a practitioner of Sikhi. Of the many ideals that Sikhi requires its adherents to embody, the most fundamental is to be a student. In fact, that is the definition of the word Sikh. Understanding Sidhu as a Sikh—as a student—becomes crucial to any reading of this exhibition, in particular its collaborative underpinnings.

As a student, there is consistent acknowledgement that there is someone or something that knows more than you and who is in position to support and advance your learning. The most fruitful collaborations occur when individuals coalesce with an understanding and acknowledgement that the group can provide a level of advancement that is unlikely, if not impossible, individually. To that end, Sidhu has united an indomitable group of co-conspirators who lent their skill, thought, experience, and talent to this exhibition. These include video artist and audio instrument designer Phil Baljeu, musician Kahil El’Zabar, maker and educator Craig Huckaby, multimedia artist Rajni Perera, and sound artist and audio instrument designer Devon Turnbull.