If death is the absence of life, then death's death is life.

- Sun Ra

Of the more subtle threads uplifting this exhibition is the reference to the Divine. Sidhu speaks of the Divine as analogous to Mother Nature as shared in his narrative poem accompanying the work “An Immeasurable Melody”. It is simultaneously a salute to Guru Gobind Singh Ji, who in the Sikh holy text called the Dasam Granth, devotes at least three sections to the celebration of the feminine in the form of the goddess Durga. It is also a salute to Sikhi’s founder Guru Nanak Dev Ji, who, upon founding Sikhi denounced the caste system, and when asked about the status of women responded, “How can she be considered inferior when she gives birth to kings?”

This devotion to and elevation of women and the feminine is not lost on Sidhu. In 2005, his family established (and still maintains) a boxing school in the Chakhar community in the Panjab, which was founded to focus on the challenges unique to young women in that community. More personally, Sidhu lost his own mother several years ago. If we trust in the paradoxical nature of both Sidhu’s and Sun Ra’s harmonics, we know that in these works she is present. In every thread, beat, angle, paint stroke, and breath. She is there.