We play the drum until the wound begins to show signs of healing 

On April 23, 2022 there was a public program moderated by Jova Lynne, the Susanne Feld Senior Curator at MOCAD with special guests Kahil El Zabar and Craig Huckaby. I recall Huckaby opening his commentary by sharing that he never imagined a world without his brother Mike Huckaby, who passed in 2020. Following this, Sidhu shared he too had lost his brother and mother, and that pushing forward with his practice subsequent to their deaths, while immeasurably challenging, served as a very necessary salve that continued to keep them alive in the now.

This moving exchange spurred within me numerous rapid fire thoughts about the deaths I have personally suffered, those I have observed loved one’s suffer, and the ways we mourn communally. I recalled the theologies and philosophies I adhere to and our protocols for resolving suffering. We delimit space and consecrate it, we invite the family and the community of the suffering individuals, and we play the drum until the wound begins to show signs of healing.

One question remained with me in that moment: with what do we fill our wounds so that they may begin to heal?

The answer: Harmonics.

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